Best way to hang Homestead Metal Signs?

Twine for Hanging Sign

Making sure your sign looks great is our problem, but we leave securing it beautifully and properly to you. However, we don’t leave you to decide this all on your own. Since our signs and accessories come in all shapes and sizes, it would be impossible to have a one size fits all approach. Some customers love the grand look of hanging their signs, some love the rustic look of a screw, some love the natural look of a wooden wall background, and some like an infinite amount of other mediums.

We offer some great suggestions when considering all of these options and where you can find them.


The Shelf Option – Many people choose to simply just put our signs on a shelf or against a wall on the ground and that looks classy. We always recommend anchoring it or even using a rubber compound to hold it into place and prevent shifting. Out of all the methods discussed here, this would likely be the easiest.

The Screw Option – This medium is probably the second easiest. For this method, we recommend having the screw, or screws, hit a stud for added strength and security. As a reminder, our signs are made from 14 gauge metal and can be very heavy. They may require more than one screw to be secure.

The String Option – Although this way may look the cutest, it can also be one of the hardest to display. After all, the sign may slide or not have proper support. Ensure you have the string tied tightly and that it is strong enough to hold the sign. When in doubt, don’t go this route.

The Magnet Option – We love this option and think it gives the cleanest look. There are various products you can use, but our customers have had success with this type of magnet that holds up to 110 lbs. All you have to do is screw the magnet into a stud, and the magnet does the rest. For lighter signs you can use these, but make sure the sign will hold. Keep in mind these magnets are very strong. They can be difficult to pull apart from the metal sign and may leave marks if you aren’t careful.


As you can see, there are many different ways to anchor, hang, or display your signs. Although we’ve gone over four options, there are still numerous other ways you can employ. Any way you choose to display your sign, we know it will fit with you and the rest of your decor. Happy decorating!


NOTE: These are only suggestions. They are by no means a promotion or the only way to hang our metal signs. Homestead Metal Company cannot be held liable for any damage to people, property, or signs if any of the above methods are used to hang or display signs.

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