The Details Matter – Plasma vs. Laser Cutting

Laser Machine

Since we’ve launched Homestead Metal Company, we’ve been committed to doing things right the first time. This means we use the right equipment, choose the correct USA-source metal, and provide the best customer service. We believe firmly in quality for every aspect of the metal products we produce. Trying to build our Homestead Metal Company “on the cheap” just wasn’t an option for us. We believe when producing a quality, long lasting product, it has to be done the right way.

We understand our customers have various choices in metal home decor companies. Ensuring they are educated on the process involved is important. The way we cut all of our metal products is done on our industrial-grade high-end laser cutter. So what are some of the major differences between a laser cutting machine and a plasma cutting machine? We’re glad you asked:


Precision Matters – Many of our metal signs and accessories have a lot of detail, so ensuring a precise cut is vital. With a plasma machine, you will most likely have a lot of burrs and rough edges, which are very difficult to eliminate. With laser cutting, the machine cuts through that metal like butter, leaving a beautiful finish where the details shine through. Laser cutting has a tolerance of 0.002 inches – talk about precision!

Cutting Capability Matters – Laser cutting is far superior than plasma cutting and is meant for cutting through thick-grade metal. This allows us to provide products made out of 14 gauge steel. This steel has greater quality than a lot of our competitors, who use 18 gauge and, sometimers, 16 gauge steel. Higher gauge steel results in very flexible metal that is not as strong when being displayed. This is why we are dedicated to providing thicker, lower-gauge steel products: the quality difference is apparent.

Efficiency Matters – Making sure our machines are operating at peak efficiency is important, but making sure your product gets to you in a timely manner is essential. There is nothing as annoying as waiting for your new sign to be produced. Sadly, we understand what it is like in waiting for 3 – 4 weeks for products, as we know some other companies operate in this manner. We think this is just unacceptable, and we make sure we are using the right equipment to streamline our production efficiency.


These details are significant to us, as they tell an important story. We are so excited to have you apart of the Homestead Metal family and can’t wait to make for you something wonderful!

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