The Faith Collection

Each of our collection’s are unique in their mixture of personality, charm, and details. This blog series showcases the designs of each collection, since each collection brings a different perspective to metal designs.

“I don’t believe in anything!”

You have probably heard this said at some point in your life. Although it sounds convincing, the reality is that we all believe in something. When you fly, you believe the plane will stay up in the air through the pilot’s experience. When you head to dinner and sit down on that chair, you believe that chair will hold you up. When you get ready for the morning and turn on that shower, you believe the water will come out of the faucet head. Believing in something is very important.

As Christians at Homestead Metal Company, we believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and that impacts everything we say and do. This is exactly why we love the Faith Collection. It inspires and encourages Christians and non-Christians alike. Some of the signs have encouraging scripture and others just have the word “Faith”. No matter what you believe, we hope this collection will stir your heart and encourage your mind to dig deeper into what you really believe!

Happy shopping!

The Homestead Metal Company Family

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