The Garage Collection

The Garage Collection

Each of our collection’s are unique in their mixture of personality, charm, and details. This blog series showcases the designs of each collection, since each collection brings a different perspective to metal designs.

Where do you go when you can’t find your husband? Do you look on the golf course? Possibly. Do you go to the local “watering hole”? Maybe. We think, most of the time, you can find your husband in his man cave or garage area tinkering away at something. It’s the place that, messy or not, he knows where everything is and everything has a place. We wanted a way to showcase that special area.

The Garage Collection showcases the American spirit of garages with a little bit of everything. This collection goes out to many people. To the one who transformed their garage into their own gym. To the one who uses their garage to do small engine repairs for the entire neighborhood. To the one that wants to show off their pride and love for America. We think we have just about everyone covered. The car collector and outdoorsman can all agree on one thing: the garage is really where it is at!

Welcome home to our Garage Collection – we hope you will stay long! Happy shopping!

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