The State Collection

Each of our collection’s are unique in their mixture of personality, charm, and details. This blog series showcases the designs of each collection, since each collection brings a different perspective to metal designs.

For us here at Homestead Metal Company, our love for the USA runs deep. Our State Collection is a curated assortment of decorative metal signs that feature designs representing each of the 50 states in the United States. These signs are intended to showcase the unique characteristics, culture, and landmarks of each state, making them popular for home decor, gift-giving, and as souvenirs.

Some of the unique offerings of this collection are:

  1. Design Variations. Each sign in the collection is dedicated to a specific state and typically includes the word “Home” prominently displayed. The design might vary for each state, incorporating symbols, landmarks, and elements associated with its identity.
  2. Landmarks and Symbols. The signs can feature iconic landmarks, state seals, state flags, or other well-known symbols that represent the identity of the state. For example, signs for California might include images of the Golden Gate Bridge, while signs for New York might showcase the Statue of Liberty.
  3. Typography. The font style and typography used on the signs can vary, often reflecting the theme or vibe of the state. For example, signs for Texas might use a bold and rugged font to convey a western feel, while signs for Hawaii might use a more flowing and relaxed font to capture the island spirit.
  4. Size and Shape. Each metal sign in this collection varies in size, catering to different preferences and display options.
  5. Mounting and Display. State signs are designed for easy mounting on walls or display on shelves (yes, Colorado’s square shape is easier to display on a shelf than Hawaii’s compilation of islands). Most signs are straightforward for hanging.

State sign collections are popular among travelers who want to commemorate their journeys, homeowners seeking to add a touch of nostalgia or regional pride to their living spaces, and gift-givers looking for thoughtful and personalized presents. These collections not only showcase the beauty and diversity of the United States but also serve as conversation starters and reminders of fond memories associated with each state.

Welcome home to our 50 great states! Happy shopping!

The Homestead Metal Company Family

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