Top 10 Seasonal Decorating Trends

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Tis the Season for Decorating?

It’s certainly that time of year, the temperatures are changing, the leaves are changing and the house decor items are changing…wait a second, is that really true? It sure is and is happening more often than we seem to believe.

Going into a shopping mall or department store, one only needs to look around for about 4 minutes to see that decor items are about 4 months in advanced. No longer do we wait for the next holiday to end before we put out the next set of decor items, but we are already planning for the next change of seasons. I guess we really can say, “tis the season”. What are some of the top decorating trends of 2023? Well, we are really glad you asked! Here you have it…

So what are we seeing with some of the latest trends that are going on out there. Well let’s start with what we are not seeing. We are definitely not seeing much new ideas and new thoughts, unless you head on over to TikTok and you may just find some very odd things from some very different people. Nowadays everyone and their brother thinks they can decorate and that trend continues to happen. We are not seeing much of the floral designs and seem to be more of a minimalistic type of thinking. Keeping the lines clean and the colors simple.

Not seeing this and that…

We aren’t seeing much of the large and ornate designs with the large fireplaces and the very odd looking showpieces above it. Smaller seems to be the new bigger and better. We can’t hide the fact we love seeing this.

Homestead Metal Signs is here to stay…

The simplified designs and lines are a great thing to see with less is more in the type of thinking. This is helping to break down those stereotypical decor trends of the 2000’s that seemed to reverse the thinking of the 90’s. Now it’s back to simple and modern. Lots more metal is showing up, and we simply love it. Being in this space we couldn’t agree more and the ideas and trends are endless. There really is no stopping this trend and the imagination is simply just continuing to grow. With being one of the top, metal sign companies across the USA, this only shows to solidify our share of this market and leaves designers and decor enthusiasts with ample opportunity to swoop in and take advantage of these trends.

So where do we go from here. The sky really is the limit and your design ideas are really ready to take off. This space will only continue to grow and the decor ideas will simply be flowing. Take advantage of it and bring that personal touch to your home or customers home with our full lineup this season. Tis the season for metal and tis the season for change! Let’s go.

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