Why Homestead – What’s in a name?

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People ask us all the time:

Why “homestead”? What’s the reason for your unique name?

We love getting questions like this. Just how choosing a name for your child or pet takes a lot of thinking and planning, a lot went into planning the name of Homestead Metal Company.

The word homestead can refer to various things; farmstead, hacienda, manor, farmhouse, plantation, ranch house, country house, vineyard, orchard, dairy farm, etc.. These are exactly the types of places we picture our quality metal home decor to be, in either indoor or outdoor conditions. Since our products are created and professional powder coated right here in the USA, we understand that in order to last as a company, we must build a business that we can be proud of.

As owners of this business, home is very important to us. Thus, we want to create products that will look good in your homestead for many years to come. We love our opportunity to create wonderful metal products that you’ll love and want to show off in your homestead.

So, what’s in a name? We think there’s a lot, and we’re proud to create metal products that will bring a twinkle and smile to your eye. Whether for a friend or family member, we thank you for considering Homestead Metal Company. We don’t take it lightly that you would trust us with your hard earned dollars. We look forward to welcoming you to our online homestead as you shop away!

The Homestead Metal Family

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